"Do it again on the next verse, and people think you meant it." – Chet Atkins


Welcome to the world of Randy Crenshaw!

Here, you can find out more than you EVER needed to know about Mr. RC

In the SAMPLE CLIPS section, you can listen to any of 500+ vocal excerpts of Randy’s singing or voiceovers, in a multitude of styles and genres. The CREDITS page lists Randy’s extensive film, television, commercials and sound recordings work. On the TESTIMONIALS page, you can read what producers, composers and other talented folks have to say about what it’s like working with Randy Crenshaw. The STUFF 4 SALE page is where you can purchase vocal charts and arrangements by Randy Crenshaw, as well as CDs he’s recorded with several amazing vocal groups. The BIOGRAPHY page will get you up-to-date on Mr. Crenshaw’s strange musical history. You’re also invited to peruse RC’s exclusive GALLERY, replete with rare photographs and compelling captions. And to get in touch with Randy Crenshaw, just click the CONTACT tab.


EXTRA! EXTRA! The new Randy Crenshaw “5V” Cinema is now open!
Featuring five gigantic viewports (well, maybe not quite so gigantic), you can now see visual content from select Films, Television, Video/DVD releases, Multimedia Content and Educational Media while listening to Randy’s plethora of vocal stylings. Admission is free (as well as the parking) but you’ve got to bring your own popcorn. Enjoy!


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