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Wahoo Do-Re – “Greatest Hits That Never Were” (2008)

Wahoo Do-Re was a vocal group made up of Los Angeles session singers anchored by singer/songwriter/arranger Randy Crenshaw. The tracks were created in the 90s and submerged in the ever changing music industry, but have now resurfaced for you to enjoy today.

Just 4 Kicks Joyful Noise

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Just 4 Kicks – “Joyful Noise”

With the release of their fourth CD, entitled “JOYFUL NOISE,” Just 4 Kicks covers even more stylistic ground than ever before, singing a wildly adventurous all-new set of sacred material, arranged by the four Kickboyz themselves. Ranging far afield, from reggae, gospel/funk, and bluegrass, to classical choral, calypso, swing, and hymn tunes, they happily expand the parameters of a cappella vocal group singing, while retaining their love for spontaneous vocal improvisation and their signature collective sense of humor.

Just 4 Kicks Kick in the Pants

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Just 4 Kicks – “Kick in the Pants”

This is the third album from the a cappella jazz vocal quartet
featuring Kirby Shaw, Randy Crenshaw, Kirk Marcy and Vijay Singh.

Just 4 Kicks Side by Side

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Just 4 Kicks – “Side by Side”

Kickboyz Records, (our own small, but mighty record label) releases “Side By Side,” our fabulous new double-CD re-release of the first and second Just4Kicks CDs! This newly remastered and repackaged double-whammy still contains the same great, classic J4K tunes and performances. We’ve added a couple of bonus J4K tracks for your listening pleasure.

Just 4 Kicks - All in Good Time

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Just 4 Kicks – “All in Good Time”

The four players in Just 4 Kicks are only four of the most respected (and frequently employed) arrangers and educators in the music industry. Their talent is only surpassed by their prodigious accomplishments, the results of which are ours to appreciate. Obviously influenced by the brilliant vocal jazz groups of the ’50’s and ’60’s, most notably the Four Freshmen and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, “All In Good Time” is adventurous and exuberant. Billy Strayhorn’s comically ironic “Everything But You” is one of the great swing tunes in the lexicon, and Just 4 Kicks stands in for an entire jazz combo, tossing off brass solos and a drum breakdown. The arrangement of “Alice In Wonderland” frequently voices the harmony, including the enticing ninth chords, by implying the root, rather than stating it overtly. “I’m Walkin’,” popularized by “Fats” Domino and arranged here by Kirby Shaw, retains the boogie-woogie party mood of the original and kicks it up a notch – now that’s impressive. Many of the songs feature furious scatting, all done live. Don Shelton of the Hi-Lo’s guests on “Green Dolphin Street,” and the Bobs’ Joe Finetti stops by to supply vocal percussion on Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

Vocal Nation

A terrific contemporary recording, which has been sold out for some time. Six Los Angeles session vocalists, one of whom is the notable Randy Crenshaw, writing and arranging superb original dance/pop.


The Haven Quartet - Randy Crenshaw, Jeff Gunn, Walt Harrah, Bill Cantos

The original Haven Quartet, a four-man Christian vocal group, began in 1934 as the musical arm of the Haven of Rest radio broadcast ministry. Radio was a medium in its infancy, and Christian broadcasting in particular was a new, uncharted territory. The Haven of Rest program, titled after the old gospel hymn of the same name, and replete with nautical references, was broadcast live, Mondays through Fridays, originally from the studio of pioneering radio station KFI in Los Angeles. As the broadcast became better known, it began being aired over a larger and larger network of radio stations in the US and Canada from its own distinctive ship-like studio in Hollywood, complete with portholes and decks. The Haven Quartet would sing 4-5 songs live over the air during each day’s broadcast, either a cappella or with organ accompaniment.

By the 1950’s, the group had begun pre-recording the broadcast music in library fashion, and due to popular demand, began issuing recordings of their music to their listeners and the general public. Today, after 65 years of musical excellence, the Haven Quartet continues to record their trademark treatments of traditional hymns and gospel songs, as well as contemporary Christian music. Fresh, creative, arrangements, a bright, clean vocal sound, and impassioned lead vocals from each of the four quartet members: these are the hallmarks of the Haven Quartet.

Since 1991, The Haven Quartet have released 13 CDs and a companion songbook to the A Cappella album. Select any of the titles below for track listings and album descriptions.